Safe Water Social Ventures: for Shared Durable Prosperity by Bruce Taylor
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Tuesday, June 2, 2020, 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
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Bruce Taylor


Bruce is the founder of Enviro-Stewards, which is a Best for the World classified B Corporation, recipient of Global Compact Canada’s SDG Goal award, and the only Canadian company to win a Global SDG award

Its’ sustainability engineering work for Campbell SoupSouthbrook WineryAndrew PellerMaple LodgeDextranNorth York General Hospital50 Food Processors, and Tim Hortons have each won national awards.  

Bruce also founded the safe water project in South Sudan, which won an international globe award and was featured in B the change magazine, MEDA magazine, and a TEDx talk.


"Safe Water Social Ventures: for Shared Durable Prosperity" by Bruce Taylor

The speaker and other Canadians are born into a system and hold mental constructs that unintentionally propagate colonialism and bias. Through his work empowering groups in East Africa to sustainably provide safe water in their communities, Bruce came to realize that more than half of the problem is not located in Africa, it is located in the minds of those in the West who are sincerely trying to help. 

Bruce’s TEDx talk, what is better than charity, uncovers root causes and mindsets leading to the unintended consequences experienced on a personal and a global level. He then outlines the opportunity for social ventures to address barriers to shared durable prosperity.

Bruce Taylor is the founder and President of Enviro-Stewards Inc., which is a social venture that has been selected by B lab as one of the Best Companies for the World and the only Canadian company to receive a global SDG award. The Safe Water Project, founded by Enviro-Stewards, received an Energy Globe award for its’ work in South Sudan.