Graduate Student Town Hall
Date & Time
Wednesday, June 3, 2020, 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Time Zone
Eastern Daylight Savings
Location Name
Registration required - Virtual Conference links will be available 24 hours prior to session

Chair: Christopher Dougherty, STARS Foundation

Join fellow grad students and others to chat about building a successful career in a post-pandemic world. The world before your grad program won't be the world that you will be joining once your program is finished. Society and the academy are quickly adapting to a pandemic that will be with us for a few years. Conferences, networking, and field work are all changingĀ or being cancelled. The academic job market will be changed as governments and post-secondaries face financial pressure. Non-academic (or alt-ac) career paths will look different as workplaces, industries, and sectors adapt. Topics that will be covered may include resume and CV building to maximize your options; building industry and academic networks during social distancing and travel restrictions; and dealing with burnout and productivity expectations during all of this.

Special Guests:
Cathy Barr, Vice President, Policy, Research and Standards, Imagine Canada
Rachel Pereira, recent MPNL graduate from Carleton
Susan Phillips, Professor and founder and director of the Master of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership, Carleton University